• Deep Purple Heavy Metal Memorabilia

    Deep Purple Heavy Metal Memorabilia

    Size: 44cm x 56cm
    Frame: Bronze

    Autographed Heavy Metal Memorabilia
    Presentation set of Deep Purple music memorabilia, set in a 44cm x 56cm bronze frame.

    This signed music memorabilia display set includes:

    Black and white photo, hand signed by original Deep Purple members (middle photo - signed)
    Promotional black and white photo of Deep Purple in their early days (top photo - unsigned)
    Colour photo of reunited Deep Purple in concert (bottom photo - unsigned)

    An English rock band formed in 1968, Deep Purple are considered one of the pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal, with the guitar riff to “Smoke on the Water” the first riff learnt by practically every budding guitarist throughout the 1970s and 80s.

    Although the band lineup has changed a lot over the years, their most successful incarnation was with Ian Gillan on vocals, a role to which he has returned in the current lineup.

    Deep Purple have sold over 100 million albums worldwide. They were even labelled The World’s Loudest Band by Guinness World Records in 1975 (is that a compliment?). In 2008, they received the Legend Award at the World Music Awards.

    Because it’s an investment. Because it’s a charity event. Because it’s a gift. Because you love Deep Purple.

    There are lots of reasons why music memorabilia is a must have, but each has something in common: quality and authenticity.

    Whether you’re giving this music memorabilia as a gift, or treasuring it yourself, you want to know it’s the real deal, and that we cared for it as much as you will.

    That's why each and every product we sell comes with its own certificate of authenticity.