• Aerosmith "Dream On" Signed Music Sheet

    Aerosmith "Dream On" Signed Music Sheet

    Size: 38cm x 35cm
    Frame: Black

    Signed Rock Music Memorabilia
    38cm x 35cm framed Aerosmith music memorabilia display set.

    This Aerosmith autographed music memorabilia presentation set is framed in black and includes:

    "Dream On" music sheet hand signed by Aerosmith
    "Girls of Summer" colour tour flyer (unsigned)

    Often referred to as the ‘Bad Boys from Boston” Aerosmith are an American band with their style rooted in blues-based hard rock. Formed in 1970, the band consisted of Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford.

    They’ve produced many gold and platinum albums since 1973, including “Toys in the Attic” and “Rocks” in 1976. However, after battles with drug addiction, two members left, and although the band continued to produce, they failed to capture the heights of their 1970s peak.

    When Perry and Whitford returned to Aerosmith in 1984, so did the success. The band released a string of new multi-platinum award winning albums including “Permanent Vacation” and “Pump”.

    Having sold nearly 150 million records worldwide, they hold the record for the most total certifications by an American group and were placed into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

    Because it matters so much, you’ll want to know your music collectible’s authentic.

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