• Stereophonics "Since I Told You It's Over" Signed Music Sheet + Concert Poster

    Stereophonics "Since I Told You It's Over" Signed Music Sheet + Concert Poster

    Size: 56cm x 45cm
    Frame: Black

    Genuine Rock Collectibles
    Your chance to own this 100% authentic signed Stereophonics music memorabilia, framed and ready for display.

    This 56cm x 45cm autographed music memorabilia is framed in black and includes:

    "Since I Told You It’s Over" hand signed music sheet
    "Leaves at The Fillmore, San Francisco 2003" colour concert poster (unsigned)

    This classic British rock band, formed in Wales in 1992, consists of Kelly Jones on lead vocals and guitar, along with Adam Zindani, Richard Jones and Jamie Morrison. Stereophonics have released 9 studio albums, 6 of those topping the UK charts.

    Their debut album, "Word Gets Around" released in 1996, rose to UK number 6, but 1999’s singles such as "Local Boy in the Photograph" and "A Thousand Trees" helped give the band their mainstream success. The 2005 single "Dakota" sold over 10 million copies worldwide, making them only the eighth band to achieve 5 consecutive UK no.1 albums (alongside groups such as The Beatles, U2 and Genesis).

    They’ve also appeared at numerous festivals including Glastonbury. Whilst their drum players may change, one thing is for certain, Stereophonics are one of the most successful British rock bands in history.

    You can’t stream fandom. When more and more music is less and less tangible, give a music gift they can touch, hold and display. Give 100% authentic, framed Stereophonics music memorabilia.

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