• Chesney Hawkes Pop Music Collectible

    Chesney Hawkes Pop Music Collectible

    Size: 53cm x 42cm
    Frame: Black

    Genuine Music Collectibles
    Chesney Hawkes music memorabilia, signed, framed and ready for display, with a certificate of authenticity.

    This 53cm x 42cm autographed music collectible is framed in black and includes:

    Signed colour photo of Chesney in concert
    Colour publicity photo of Chesney (unsigned)

    Itís getting harder and harder to hold physical music in your hand. When everythingís stored in the cloud, how do you get closer to your musical heroes? With music memorabilia from Sports & Music Legends.

    Make this authentic, framed piece of Chesney Hawkes music memorabilia a collectible they canít wait to display. And as it matters so much, youíll want to know your music collectibleís totally genuine.

    That's why each and every product we sell comes with its own certificate of authenticity.