• Marty Wilde Pop Music Memorabilia

    Marty Wilde Pop Music Memorabilia

    Size: 50cm x 30cm
    Frame: Black

    Authentic Pop Music Memorabilia
    Authentic Marty Wilde music memorabilia, signed, framed and ready for display.

    This 50cm x 30cm signed music collectible is framed in black and includes:

    White postcard signed by Marty Wilde
    Colour photo of Marty in concert (unsigned)

    You canít stream fandom. When more and more music is less and less tangible, give a music gift they can touch, hold and display. Give 100% authentic, framed pop music memorabilia.

    Sports and Music Legends: music collectibles made easy.

    That's why each and every product we sell comes with its own certificate of authenticity.