• Bee Gees Signed Colour Photo + 2 Photos

    Bee Gees Signed Colour Photo + 2 Photos

    Size: 61cm x 31cm
    Frame: Black

    Signed Pop Music Memorabilia
    Make this authentic piece of Bee Gees music memorabilia the perfect gift for the fan in your life. 100% genuine, with a certificate of authenticity.

    Framed in black, this 61cm x 31cm signed music memorabilia includes:

    Colour Bee Gee photo signed by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb
    Colour photo of The Bee Gees (unsigned)
    Black & white photo of The Bee Gees (unsigned)

    Born on the Isle of Man, the Bee Gees were a family group. The 3 brothers, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb formed the pop group in 1958, and were acclaimed for their tight trio harmonies.

    They wrote all their own hits, beginning with the 60s pop of songs such as “Massachusetts” and “Gotta Get a Message to You” in the late 60s, before reinventing themselves in the disco era with hits such as “Night Fever” and “Stayin’ Alive”.

    Selling over 220 million records worldwide, the Bee Gees are one of the best-selling music artists of all time and were therefore inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

    After Maurice’s sudden death in 2003, the group announced they would carry on producing music, but when Robin died in 2012 after a battle with cancer, Barry took the opportunity to vary his work, writing songs for other artists and performing as a solo artist or with his son.

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