• Black Sabbath Signed Black & White Photo + 2 Posters

    Black Sabbath Signed Black & White Photo + 2 Posters

    Size: 61cm x 31cm
    Frame: Black

    Signed Heavy Metal Collectibles
    Signed Black Sabbath music memorabilia, set in a 61cm x 31cm black display frame.

    This Sabbath signed music memorabilia presentation set includes:

    Black & white band photo signed by Tony, Bill, Geezer & Ozzy
    Black Sabbath black and white poster (unsigned)
    Black Sabbath colour poster (unsigned)

    Originally formed in 1968, Black Sabbath were / are Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and of course Ozzy Osbourne. Many splits, different band members coming and going, June 2013 saw the original line up reform (apart from Bill Ward) and release their 19th album - Reunion.

    19 albums. 4 tours. 80 million album sales. Not bad for a band that were apart more than they were together. The release of Paranoid even led Rolling Stone magazine to say this song changed music forever.

    You can’t stream fandom. When more and more music is less and less tangible, give a music gift they can touch, hold and display. Give 100% authentic, framed Black Sabbath music memorabilia.

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