Frequenty Asked Questions

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Can you find me a specific music collectible or piece of sporting memorabilia?

Yes. Contact us with your the details and we'll start the hunt. We can't guarantee success, and we can't tell you with certainty how long the search will take, but we'll do our best to find your perfect piece of sport, movie or music memorabilia.

Do I have to have my sports memorabilia or music collectibles framed?

No. Although they'll be better protected and make an even more impressive display piece if they are mounted and framed. You can find more about our expert framing service here.

How do I know my sporting collectibles or music and movie memorabilia are genuine?

We take great care to ensure all the memorabilia we sell is authentic and we provide a certificate of authenticity with each. You can find out more about the steps we take here.

Delivery questions?

How much? Where? When? Find all your delivery questions answered here.

I don't want my item of sports memorabilia any more. Can I return it?

Within 7 days of receiving it, yes (provided it's in the same condition it left us). Find the details here.

I'm running a charity event and need sports memorabilia to auction. Can you help?

Yes. We'll give you the movie, sports and music collectibles you require, set a reserve price, and anything you make above that price is yours to keep.
If you don't meet the reserve price you simply return the item to us and you don't pay a penny. Find out more about no risk charity auction packages here.

I want to order multiple items and the system tells me to contact you...

You can do that here.

When you say your signed sports memorabilia and music collectibles are 'unique' what do you mean?

With every tour, event, or album release an artist or sports star may issue a number of signed photographs, shirts, albums etc. Whilst the items may be the same the signature will always be similar, but can never be exactly identical.

Try it with your own signature. Every time you do it, it's unique. So whether it's Ali, Beckham, Lady Ga-Ga or Tiger Woods, they'll never sign their name in quite that way again.

But that's not all. At Sports Legends, we never repeat an item. There will always be a point of difference which makes every piece of sports, tv and movie memorabilia we sell unique and personal.

What do you do with the information I enter into this site?

Find information about privacy and security here.

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