• Stephen Hendry Snooker Memorabilia

    Stephen Hendry Snooker Memorabilia

    Size: 43cm x 53cm
    Frame: Silver

    Snooker Memorabilia and Collectibles
    Stephen Hendry snooker memorabilia set is 43cm x 53cm finished off with a matching silver frame.

    Stephen Hendry snooker memorabilia set includes:

    Montage of 3 colour photos of Stephen in action, hand signed by the snooker legend Stephen Hendry

    Stephen Gordon Hendry MBE was born in Scotland in 1969 and is the world’s most successful snooker player.

    Turning professional at only 15 years old (the youngest ever) in 1985 Stephen was also the youngest player to ever win the world championship in 1990 at only 21. Following that record breaking victory he has won the world championships a total of 7 times – a world record in the current modern era. Others have won more, but the format and amount of competing players was significantly different.

    11 maximum breaks, 36 world ranking titles, 775 competitive century breaks in career surpassed by none, until his recent retirement in May 2012.

    Celebrate success. Celebrate glory. Celebrate the brilliance of Stephen Hendry with snooker memorabilia to cherish.

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