• Idlewild "Warnings / Promises" Signed Poster + Colour Photo

    Idlewild "Warnings / Promises" Signed Poster + Colour Photo

    Size: 44cm x 35cm
    Frame: Black

    Rock Music Memorabilia and Collectibles
    Idlewild music memorabilia set is 44cm x 35cm finished off with a matching black frame.

    Idlewild music memorabilia set includes:

    "Warning / Promises" new album poster, hand signed by Idlewild
    Colour photo of Idlewild (unsigned)

    What if, this birthday or Christmas, you could give a gift that meant more? You know how much they love Idlewild.

    So this year, give them musical memorabilia they’ll have on their wall for the rest of their life.

    This signed, framed piece of music memorabilia is 100% authentic, exceptional value, and guaranteed to take pride of place.

    Signed music collectibles from Sports and Music Legends.

    That's why each and every product we sell comes with its own certificate of authenticity.