• Stone Roses "How Do You Sleep" Signed Music Sheet

    Stone Roses "How Do You Sleep" Signed Music Sheet

    Size: 38cm x 35cm
    Frame: Black

    Autographed Music Memorabilia
    Presentation set of The Stone Roses music memorabilia, set in a 38cm x 35cm black frame.

    This Stone Roses signed music memorabilia display set includes:

    "How Do You Sleep" music sheet autographed by Ian Brown
    "Les Nuits De Fourviere - Lyon" colour Stone Roses tour poster (unsigned)

    The Stone Roses formed in Manchester 1983 and pioneered the Madchester scene of the late 1980s’ in the UK.

    Even though the band were short lived and only released 2 studio albums they were an instant success with fans and critics alike. Their debut album was a massive success with its release in 1989 their record company who not let them leave and a massive court battle followed. Their 2nd album wasn’t released until 1994 and didn’t receive the attention or praise of the first which lead to them splitting not long after.

    In 2011 they announced a reunion world tour for 2012 and even the possibility of a 3rd album following the release of a Shane Meadows documentary in 2013.

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