• Bono Signed B&W Photo + 2 Colour Photos

    Bono Signed B&W Photo + 2 Colour Photos

    Size: 32cm x 62cm
    Frame: Black

    Signed Rock Music Collectibles
    Signed Bono music memorabilia, set in a 32cm x 62cm black display frame.

    This Bono (U2) signed music memorabilia presentation set includes:

    Large black & white photo signed by Bono
    2 x colour photo of Bono in concert with U2 (unsigned)

    Paul David Hewson (1960) is best known as Bono, an Irish singer-songwriter and businessman. The lead vocalist of rock band U2, his lyrics have mixed historical and current politics, personal confession, dark humour and anthemic rallying cries.

    The bands arguable peak, 1987�s �Joshua Tree� was preceded and followed by massively successful � and stylistically varied - albums, from the German techno influence of Achtung Baby to the radio-friendly rock of All that You Can�t Leave Behind.

    Bono owns the Clarence Hotel in Dublin, and has been widely commended for his activism in and focused on Africa. He has also set up fundraising concerts, as well as talking with senior politicians. His ongoing contribution to music and humanitarian work saw him granted an honorary Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II and he was named Person of the Year by Time in 2005.

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