• Nigel Mansell Signed Colour Photo + 4 Photos

    Nigel Mansell Signed Colour Photo + 4 Photos

    Size: 54cm x 46cm
    Frame: Black

    Authentic Formula One Collectibles
    Genuine, signed Nigel Mansell memorabilia, ready for display in a 54cm x 46cm black frame.

    This set of signed F1 memorabilia includes:

    Signed colour photo of Nigel Mansell in action (top left photo signed)
    4 x additional colour photos of Formula 1 legend Nigel Mansell (unsigned)

    You can only be there once. But with the right piece of F1 memorabilia, you can transport yourself back there again and again. Is this piece the one? Add it to your sports memorabilia collection now.

    How do you know it’s genuine?

    That's why each and every product we sell comes with its own certificate of authenticity.